Purple Tiny Hand Bow Tie titans are my trigger

Yes! You must return this pool to a usable state.

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Then I notice something is rising up around me. Smoke. From fire. Not the flickery stuff I wore last year in the chariot, but something much more real that devours my dress. I begin to panic as the smoke thickens. Charred bits of black silk swirl into the air, and pearls clatter to the stage. Somehow I’m afraid to stop because my flesh doesn’t seem to be burning and I know Cinna must be behind whatever is happening. So I keep spinning and spinning. For a split second I’m gasping, completely engulfed in the strange flames. Then all at once, the fire is gone. I slowly come to a stop, wondering if I’m naked and why Cinna has arranged to burn away my wedding dress. But I’m not naked. I’m in a dress of the exact design of my wedding dress, only it’s the color of coal and made of tiny feathers. Wonderingly, I lift my long, flowing sleeves into the air, and that’s when I see myself on the television screen. Clothed in black except for the white patches on my sleeves. Or should I say my wings. Because Cinna has turned me into a mockingjay.

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his was my first wednesday in a while that’s been… free!

SNK Guidebook Scans: Hange Zoe



See those little blurry words on the left side of Hange’s spider web of abilities?

It says “Intelligence”, and it goes to eleven.

I’m happy to announce that our beloved Hange Zoe has the highest intelligent score of any character in the Shingeki world. Erwin and Armin only scored 10’s.

(Once again, thank you, Julystorms, for destroying your book in order to provide scans of all the Guidebook pages!)

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SnK + Scenery 1




all of these will be phone charms and buttons available soon on my storenvy :D

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                       My state of mind has finally got the best of me
                                         I need you next to me…

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Happy birthday Christy-chan! 

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transparent ghosties!


transparent ghosties!